François d’Assise Écrits Vies Témoignages – Totum (Tomes 1 et 2)

François d’Assise Écrits, Vies, Témoignages – Totum (Tomes 1 et 2)

François d’Assise Écrits, Vies, Témoignages – Totum (Tomes 1 et 2)

Introduction: Unveiling the Life and Teachings of François d’Assise

Chapter 1: The Writings of François d’Assise

1.1 The Spiritual Journey

Explore the profound spiritual journey of François d’Assise as he shares his thoughts and experiences through his writings. Dive into his deep connection with nature and his unique perspective on life.

1.2 The Teachings of Humility

Discover the teachings of humility and simplicity that François d’Assise emphasized in his writings. Learn how these principles can be applied to our modern lives, bringing us closer to inner peace and contentment.

Chapter 2: The Lives of François d’Assise

2.1 Early Life and Conversion

Uncover the early life of François d’Assise and the transformative moment that led to his conversion. Follow his journey from a wealthy young man to a humble servant of God.

2.2 The Founding of the Franciscan Order

Learn about the establishment of the Franciscan Order by François d’Assise and the impact it had on society. Explore the principles and values that guided this influential religious movement.

Chapter 3: Testimonies of François d’Assise

3.1 Accounts from Contemporary Witnesses

Read firsthand accounts from individuals who witnessed the life and teachings of François d’Assise. Gain a deeper understanding of his impact on the people around him and the legacy he left behind.

3.2 Modern Interpretations and Reflections

Discover how François d’Assise’s teachings continue to inspire and resonate with people today. Explore modern interpretations and reflections on his life, shedding light on his relevance in the present day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who was François d’Assise?

A: François d’Assise was a 13th-century Italian Catholic friar and preacher. He is known for his deep spirituality, love for nature, and founding of the Franciscan Order.

Q: What can I expect from the Totum book series?

A: The Totum book series provides a comprehensive collection of François d’Assise’s writings, accounts of his life, and testimonies from contemporary witnesses. It offers a holistic view of this influential figure.

Q: How can François d’Assise’s teachings be applied to modern life?

A: François d’Assise’s teachings of humility, simplicity, and connection with nature can be applied to modern life by fostering a deeper sense of gratitude, compassion, and environmental stewardship.


Embark on a journey through the life and teachings of François d’Assise with the Totum book series. Gain insights into his writings, explore his impact on society, and be inspired by his timeless wisdom.

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