Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves – Product Description

Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves – Product Description

Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves

Introducing the Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves, the perfect solution for all your inspection needs. These gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and protection, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment.

Features and Benefits

Our G35 Inspection Gloves are made from 100% nylon knit, offering exceptional durability and strength. The seamless design eliminates any discomfort or irritation, allowing for extended wear without compromising performance.

Ambidextrous Design

With their ambidextrous design, these gloves can be worn on either hand, providing convenience and flexibility for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. No need to worry about sorting or matching gloves anymore!

XL Size

The XL size ensures a comfortable fit for individuals with larger hands, eliminating any restrictions or discomfort during use. These gloves are perfect for those who require a roomier fit without compromising dexterity.

120 Pairs/Case

Each case of Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves contains 120 pairs, providing an ample supply for your inspection needs. The gloves are conveniently divided into 10 bags of 12 pairs, allowing for easy distribution and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these gloves suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the G35 Inspection Gloves are made from 100% nylon knit, which is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. They are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

2. Can these gloves be used for handling chemicals?

No, these gloves are not designed for chemical handling. They are intended for inspection purposes only. For chemical-resistant gloves, we recommend exploring our range of chemical-resistant gloves.

3. Can these gloves be reused?

While these gloves are durable, they are intended for single-use applications. Reusing the gloves may compromise their integrity and effectiveness. We recommend using a fresh pair for each inspection.


The Jackson Safety G35 Inspection Gloves are the ultimate choice for professionals in need of reliable and comfortable gloves for inspections. With their seamless, 100% nylon knit construction, ambidextrous design, XL size, and convenient packaging, these gloves offer unbeatable performance and convenience. Order your case today and experience the difference!

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