NuBraThe TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack

NuBraThe TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack

NuBraThe TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack

Are you tired of carrying bulky bras when you travel? Look no further than the NuBraThe TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack. This innovative product is designed to provide comfort, support, and convenience, making it the ideal choice for any traveler.

Features and Benefits

1. Feather-Lite Design

The NuBraThe TPC F700 is made from lightweight materials that ensure maximum comfort throughout your journey. Say goodbye to heavy bras that weigh you down and hello to a feather-light experience.

2. Self-Adhesive

With its self-adhesive feature, this travel pack eliminates the need for straps or hooks. Simply stick it on and enjoy the freedom of movement without any discomfort.

3. Washable and Reusable

Unlike traditional bras, the NuBraThe TPC F700 can be easily washed and reused, making it a sustainable choice for frequent travelers. Say goodbye to disposable bras and hello to an eco-friendly option.

4. Invisible and Seamless

The seamless design of this travel pack ensures that it remains invisible under any outfit. You can confidently wear it with your favorite dresses or tops without worrying about any unsightly lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the adhesive last?

A: The adhesive on the NuBraThe TPC F700 is designed to last for multiple uses. With proper care and maintenance, it can provide reliable support for up to 50 wears.

Q: Can I wear it in hot and humid climates?

A: Yes, the NuBraThe TPC F700 is designed to withstand hot and humid conditions. Its breathable materials ensure that you stay comfortable even in the most challenging environments.

Q: Is it suitable for all cup sizes?

A: The NuBraThe TPC F700 is available in various cup sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Make sure to check the size guide before making your purchase.


The NuBraThe TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack is a game-changer for travelers. Its lightweight design, self-adhesive feature, and washable materials make it the ultimate choice for comfort and convenience. Say goodbye to bulky bras and hello to a hassle-free travel experience. Get your NuBraThe TPC F700 today and experience the difference!

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