Osprey Men’s Shorty 3 mm Summer Wetsuit

Osprey Men’s Shorty 3 mm Summer Wetsuit

Osprey Men’s Shorty 3 mm Summer Wetsuit

Are you ready to hit the waves this summer? Look no further than the Osprey Men’s Shorty 3 mm Summer Wetsuit. Designed specifically for spring/summer conditions, this wetsuit is the perfect companion for your surfing and diving adventures.

The Ideal Shorty Summer Wetsuit

Featuring 3mm neoprene on the body and 2mm neoprene under the arms, the Osprey Origin shorty wetsuit offers increased manoeuvrability and a full range of motion while in the water. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to ultimate freedom.

Flat-Locked Seams for Maximum Comfort

We understand that comfort is key when it comes to wetsuits. That’s why the Osprey Men’s Shorty Wetsuit features entirely flat-locked seams and ergonomic panelling. Not only does this provide maximum comfort, but it also ensures high-quality flexibility and insulation.

Stretch Fit Collar for Easy Wear

Putting on and taking off a wetsuit can sometimes be a struggle. But not with the Osprey Men’s Shorty Wetsuit. The super stretch collar, combined with the YKK back zip, makes it a breeze to get in and out of your wetsuit. No more wrestling with tight openings or zippers.

Wind-Resistant Mesh for Ultimate Protection

Don’t let the elements ruin your surfing or diving experience. The Osprey Men’s Shorty Wetsuit is designed with wind-resistant mesh panelling on the back and front. This not only keeps out the wind but also provides protection from the elements, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused.

The Perfect Fit for Every Body Type

We understand that everyone’s body is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive size guide to help you find the perfect fit. Please note that the size guide is tested and fits an average body type. If you are between sizes, we recommend selecting a larger size for the best fit.

  • 3mm neoprene on the body, 2mm neoprene under the arms
  • Flat-locked seams for maximum comfort
  • Stretch fit collar and YKK back zip for easy wear
  • Wind-resistant mesh panelling for ultimate protection
  • Comprehensive size guide for the perfect fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this wetsuit for diving?

A: Yes, the Osprey Men’s Shorty Wetsuit is suitable for both surfing and diving activities.

Q: Is this wetsuit available in multiple colours?

A: Yes, the Osprey Origin shorty wetsuit is available in multiple colours to suit your personal style.

Q: How do I determine the right size for me?

A: Please refer to our comprehensive size guide to find the perfect fit for your body type.


Don’t let anything hold you back from enjoying the water this summer. The Osprey Men’s Shorty 3 mm Summer Wetsuit is designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and insulation in spring/summer conditions. With its flat-locked seams, stretch fit collar, and wind-resistant mesh, this wetsuit offers the ultimate protection and freedom of movement. Get yours now and make the most of your surfing and diving adventures!

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