Replacement for Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control

Replacement for Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control

Replacement for Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control

Are you tired of constantly searching for your Fujitsu air conditioner remote control? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you – the AR-RAH2Enan replacement remote control. With its compatibility with a wide range of Fujitsu models, you can now easily control your air conditioner without any hassle.

Why Choose AR-RAH2Enan?

Our AR-RAH2Enan remote control is designed to provide a seamless experience for Fujitsu air conditioner users. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing our replacement remote control:

1. Compatibility

The AR-RAH2Enan remote control is compatible with the following Fujitsu models:

  • Ar-Rah2u
  • Ar-Rah1u
  • Ar-Rae2u
  • Ar-Rae1u
  • Ar-Ry3
  • Ar-Ry4
  • Ar-Ry5
  • Ar-Ry6
  • Ar-Ry7
  • Ar-Ry10
  • Ar-Ry11
  • Ar-Ry12
  • Ar-Ry14
  • Ar-Ry15
  • Ar-Ry16
  • Ar-Ry17
  • Ar-Ry19

2. Easy to Use

The AR-RAH2Enan remote control features a user-friendly interface with clearly labeled buttons for easy navigation. You can effortlessly adjust the temperature, fan speed, and mode settings with just a few clicks.

3. Durable and Reliable

Our replacement remote control is built to last. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and enjoy a reliable remote control for your Fujitsu air conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I program the AR-RAH2Enan remote control?

A: Programming the AR-RAH2Enan remote control is a simple process. Just follow the instructions provided in the user manual, and you’ll be able to set it up in no time.

Q: Can I use the AR-RAH2Enan remote control with other brands?

A: The AR-RAH2Enan remote control is specifically designed for Fujitsu air conditioners and may not be compatible with other brands. It is recommended to use it with the compatible Fujitsu models mentioned above.

Q: Is the AR-RAH2Enan remote control covered by a warranty?

A: Yes, our replacement remote control comes with a one-year warranty. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support for assistance.


Say goodbye to the frustration of a lost or malfunctioning remote control for your Fujitsu air conditioner. With the AR-RAH2Enan replacement remote control, you can regain full control of your air conditioner and enjoy a comfortable environment with ease. Don’t wait any longer – get your AR-RAH2Enan remote control today!

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