Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles – Product Description

Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles – Product Description

Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles

Enhance the atmosphere of your home or event with the mesmerizing Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles. These exquisite candles are designed to create a serene and elegant ambiance in any space.

Unmatched Elegance

With their vibrant olive color and smooth finish, these floating candles add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, planning a wedding, or simply enjoying a relaxing bath, these candles will elevate the mood and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Long-Lasting Burn Time

Each Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candle has an impressive burn time of up to 8 hours. This means you can enjoy their enchanting glow throughout the evening without worrying about them extinguishing prematurely. Sit back, relax, and let the flickering flames of these candles create a magical ambiance.

Safe and Convenient

Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles are made from high-quality wax that ensures a clean and smokeless burn. The candles are also unscented, making them perfect for individuals with sensitivities to strong fragrances. Additionally, the candles come in a pack of 3, allowing you to easily decorate multiple areas or create a stunning centerpiece.

Easy to Use

Using Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles is a breeze. Simply fill a bowl or container with water, place the candles on the surface, and light them up. Watch as the candles gracefully float and illuminate the surroundings with their gentle glow. These candles are a hassle-free way to add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can these candles be used outdoors?
  2. Yes, these candles can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, please ensure that they are protected from wind and rain if used outside.

  3. Do these candles come in other colors?
  4. Yes, Yummi offers a wide range of colors to suit any theme or decor. Explore our collection to find the perfect shade for your next event.

  5. Can I reuse these candles?
  6. While these candles are designed for a single use, some customers have successfully reused them by carefully removing the wax residue and placing a new wick. However, we recommend using them as intended for the best experience.

In conclusion, Yummi 3″ Olive Floating Candles are the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to any space. With their long burn time, vibrant color, and hassle-free usage, these candles are a must-have for any occasion. Elevate your ambiance and create unforgettable memories with Yummi.

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